How To Walk Your Guinea Pig

guinea pig walkWhether you should or should not walk your guinea pig is really a matter of values. What is clear is that exercises are good for your pet, though you also need to embrace the fact that this kind of pets have delicate spines and therefore walking them without causing harm is difficult. So can you take a guinea pig for a walk? Here is a rundown that could answer your question.

Harness and Leash

You can use a harness and leash to walk the pet. The harness ought to be loose to avoid back or armpit injuries. If you are bent on using a leash, ascertain that it is loose and untangled. Also avoid tugging your leash and just let your furry friend roam freely.

It remains imperative to know that walking a guinea pig is very different from walking a dog. A leash can only be used when preventing the pet from wandering into dangerous zones. It is not a good idea to leash the animal when walking it. This is bound to create a tugging sensation which can turn out to be harmful in the long run.

The best way to go about this is by focusing on indoor exercise. Walking the pet on the streets may not be a good idea, mainly because it cannot follow commands. Additionally, your special pet is highly likely not to walk beside you, making your street adventures more challenging than exciting.

If you are bent on indoor exercises, pick a single room for this. You need to save yourself from the stress of running all over your house trying to ensure that your furry buddy does not bump into hazards. After all, it is not possible to clear out all rooms for a few hours of exercise with your special friend.

Another good method of walking your furry friend is by providing outdoor exercise. In this case, you need to create an enclosure. A sizable cage or an area with a wire fence will do. Just ensure that there are no gaps where the pet can squeeze in and escape. Choose a cool, dry area and make sure that other pets such as cats and dogs are out of the way.

It remains crucial for you to give your furry friend plenty of time to exercise. Ideally, three hours of workouts would be great. Provide your pet with plenty of water and food and ensure that it is supervised at all times. If all this seems like plenty of work, you could opt for the easy way out and invest in a portable suitably sized cage.